The classroom culture is a small-scale version of the larger school culture. The student-centered classroom reflects the school’s mission carried out on an individual basis student-by-student beginning with the teachers deeply knowing their students as learners. The teacher then shapes the learning environment to meet the educational needs of individual students. Finally, teachers arrange learning activities that will activate the engagement of each student.

Creating a student-centered classroom involves teachers employing every tool in their tool kit – insight, empathy, research-based practices, and collaboration with colleagues – to create an environment conducive to different types of learners. Stay connected with ISS to hear stories of educators putting these tools into practice and dive into professional development opportunities that continue to build your personal tool kit.

Creating a student-centered learning environment begins with the teacher acknowledging all students learn differently. For many teachers, this insight is based on their own personal journey as learners. This identification with students as learners is the student-centered teacher’s greatest asset.

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