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The future of global recruitment is coming!

Introducing ISS-Schrole Advantage.

This collaboration with Schrole Group Ltd. is expected to significantly enhance the international education recruitment experience for both candidates and schools by combining powerful technology and personal service, and creating the largest ecosystem of international schools and educators worldwide.

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Looking to take your teaching career abroad?

ISS is ready to help. As the leading non-profit in international school recruitment, we are proud of our vast database of jobs, exceptional support teams, and our dedication to placing teachers in schools around the world. We've helped over 50,000 educators, and we hope to be part of your story too!

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The new hiring season is underway - check out the latest positions!

  • Facilities Manager (Thailand) Added 08/15/18
  • Primary 1-3 (Thailand) Added 08/14/18
  • Math, 9-12 (China) Added 08/13/18
  • Upper Elementary, 4-6 (China) Added 08/13/18
  • Assistant Elementary Principal (China) Added 08/13/18
  • IB Coordinator (Mexico) Added 08/12/18
  • IB Coordinator (Mexico) Added 08/12/18
  • Primary 1-3 (United Arab Emirates) Added 08/12/18
  • Economics (Myanmar) Added 08/12/18
  • Humanities, HS (Myanmar) Added 08/12/18
  • Social Studies, 6-8 (Myanmar) Added 08/12/18
  • Math, 9-12 (Egypt) Added 08/12/18
  • Nursery / Pre-K (China) Added 08/11/18
  • Primary 1-3 (Thailand) Added 08/10/18
  • Assistant Elementary Principal (China) Added 08/10/18
  • Assistant Elementary Principal (China) Added 08/10/18
  • Mandarin (Thailand) Added 08/10/18
  • Primary 1-3 (Thailand) Added 08/09/18

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Once you are an active candidate, you have complete access to our database of vacancies at hundreds of school around the world. Active members are also able to attend any ISS event free of charge - no invitation required and no limits on attendance!

Cutting Edge Tools

View detailed school profiles (including salary/benefits), personalize your profile, and utilize our innovative searching tools. For example, “Best Match” technology automatically promotes your profile to recruiters with open positions that match your experience.

Proactive Assistance

We care deeply about the work we do and take pride in our exceptional, caring customer service. Our team knows that the job hunt for a competitive international position can be stressful, so when you need that personalized help during your journey, we’re there by your side!

A Vibrant Community

ISS recruiting memberships are valid for two consecutive years, but ISS support goes far beyond this initial recruiting cycle. When you come on with ISS, you are joining a family of educators with a purpose - making a world of difference.

icon07.png  ISS Membership Process

Opening a file with ISS is easy! Our $195 membership is valid for two years full years from the day you pay - and doesn't end when you find a job! Returning ISS alumni pay only $75 to renew; contact the team for your coupon code.

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While it's never too late (or too early) to join, we encourage candidates to apply in the summer and fall. That way, you'll have time to create a robust profile, polish your professional dossier, and to make sure everything is perfect when the peak recruiting season comes around.

  • 1 Review our FAQs.
    Check your qualifications.
    Gather your reference information.
  • 2 Fill out the online application. Submit all of your materials.
  • 3 ISS will review your application - and contact you with any questions. Your references will receive an online form to complete. After a complete review, your profile will be available to recruiters.
  • 4 Begin searching for jobs using our online database.
  • 5 Register for an ISS job fair: online or in-person. Connect with recruiters and find your next teaching position!
  • 6 Get involved with an ISS community. Attend a professional development conference and follow us on social media as you embark on the experience of a lifetime!

Anytime! Applications are accepted year-round, but international schools typically begin recruiting for positions one year in advance. A new recruiting season starts September 1st. Most hiring usually happens during the fall and winter months, with the months of October through February being the peak hiring period. This is also the time when we host our International Recruitment Conferences (IRCs) / Job Fairs, where many international schools fill positions.

Planning ahead is key! Candidates who apply or renew their membership in the summer and early fall have the benefit of getting “ahead of the game” by making sure their profile is polished and ready to go when a new recruiting season begins. Keep in mind that waiting for confidential references or collecting other documents can take time. If you apply early, you will be among the first candidates that recruiters will view when September 1st comes along.

We will do everything to help you find that dream job. Just remember, ISS is not a placement agency so your job search is under your control. Ultimately your success depends on a variety of ever-changing factors, such as how open-minded you are, how many positions are available in your content area, how strong your references are, how well you interview, etc. Fortunately, you will also have a two year membership, which offers you great flexibility.



Are you ready for ISS? Finding out is easy.

You're one step closer to enjoying the experience of a lifetime. The guide below provides clear, concise requirements for teachers, librarians and counselors.
If you're a School Administrator (Superintendent, Head of School or Principal), check out this qualification list


    • 1 Master's Degree
    • 2 At least 2 years of current full-time counseling experience in K-12 environment (highly preferred) offering a US, AP, International or IB curriculum (college or university level counseling, community counseling and counseling internships do not count)
    • 3 School Counseling Certification from the Department of Education in your State/Province/Country



    • 1 Master's Degree
    • 2 At least 1 semester of internship experience as a school counselor
    • 3 School Counseling Certification from the Department of Education in your State/Province/Country (issued before the time you would go abroad)

    • 1 Master's Degree in Library Science
    • 2At least 2 years of current full-time Librarian experience in a K-12 environment (preferred) offering a US, AP, International or IB curriculum (College/university level and community librarian experience do not count towards this requirement)
    • 3 Librarian Certification from the Department of Education in your State/Province/Country


    • 1 Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree
    • 2 And one of the following:
      • At least two years of current full-time teaching experience in your own K-12 classroom offering a US, AP, International or IB curriculum (college/university level teaching, language school/ESL experience, tutoring, and volunteer work do not count towards this requirement).
      – Or –
      • Teaching Certification from the Department of Education in your State/Province/Country


    • 1 Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree
    • 2 At least one semester of student teaching experience.
    • 3 Teaching Certification from the Department of Education in your State/Province/Country (issued before the time you go abroad).

icon02.png  Documentation: Things You’ll Need 

Please ask your references to use our confidential evaluation form. It is easy for them to do, and very important for you to have in your file. Remember, as soon as you submit your application, these referees will be contacted - make sure they know it’s coming!

You must provide contact information for the three individuals who write your references:

If you are a recent graduate:

  • University field advisor
  • Mentor teacher(s)/supervising teacher(s) with whom you did your student teaching
  • A professor, other mentor teacher or relevant supervisor.

  • If you are already a teacher:
  • At least one administrator, Assistant Principal or above, from your current position and
  • Two other administrators who supervised you in positions you've held within the past seven years

To create a well rounded profile, ISS encourages all to add additional references, who have been supervisors, to each file. While three is the minimum, candidates can always add more - and are encouraged to do so!

About Your References

You will be asked to enter an email address for each reference. Our system will email a reference request as soon as you submit your application, so it is a good idea to give your supervisors a heads up!

If you have a spouse/partner who is not a teacher, we strongly suggest supplying a Partner Statement. This document serves as your spouse/partner's introduction to international school recruiters. It is not a cover letter or resume. This document should be completed whether or not your spouse/partner will accompany you overseas. When you submit your application, our system will email your spouse a link to complete this form.

What supplemental materials can I include?

  • Professional Profile Photo
  • YouTube, Animoto, or Prezi video - check out videos prepared by other ISS alumni!
  • Personal resume
  • Reference list
  • Philosophy of education and/or ISS Personal Statement
  • Colleague, parent and student recommendations
  • Examples of your classwork

While these materials are optional, recruiters do enjoy viewing them to get a multifaceted sense of who you are. A fun video about yourself or a beautiful sample of your classwork can only help you stand out as someone a school would love to have!

Copies of official transcripts can be scanned and uploaded.

If you are a senior in college, not yet graduated:
Official copy of your transcripts from your university, up through your current semester (official copy of your transcript with degree awarded will be required upon graduation)

If you have graduated
Official transcripts of your highest degree earned

Teaching/librarian/counselor/administrator certifications from the Department of Education or government office in your State/Province/Country

icon03.png Other Questions

Generally, the school that hires you will also sponsor your spouse/partner and your family. However, the school is not responsible for obtaining a work permit for your spouse/partner. There are some schools that are unable to consider candidates with non-teaching spouses due to visa restrictions.

Some international schools may be reluctant to hire educators with dependents left behind, as they are concerned about the candidate’s commitment to the contract.

A Partner Statement is strongly encouraged if you have a non-teaching spouse/dependent. In this statement, your spouse can share his/her background, explain what he/she will do with his/her time while you are employed by the school, or address why he/she will not accompany you.

Depending on what part of the globe you are considering, medical services might not be of the same standard or availability as in the United States, Canada, UK, or Australia. Members should not put themselves in a situation that might compromise their health if they know a condition exists. A rigorous health screening is usually required as a condition for visa approval. It is important to be forthright about any health condition that may affect your offer of employment.

Couples who are unmarried may find it challenging to find placement in some regions. Some schools are located in conservative communities, and some countries actually deny visas to those traveling as an unmarried couple. As many schools provide housing, they must abide by the laws within their host country with regards to shared housing.

ISS does not discriminate based on sexual orientation. However, international schools are subject to the laws of the country in which they are located, and some which have laws regarding open same-sex relationships. We encourage you to investigate the legal environment of your prospective host country prior to accepting an offer of employment.

Because we had both built up good portfolios in the ISS system, the quality of discussions with recruiters ended up being better. By the time we began interviewing with schools, we were able to hone in more quickly on certain elements of our experience, and the school could take more time to see if we were a good fit for the school culture. We really appreciate this about the ISS system and will come back to you for our next job search!”

- ISS teaching couple from Seattle

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